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Sex: Female
Age: 18 (turned at 18)
Race: Vampric Human (1st Generation)
Class: Sorceress
Rank: General
Alignment: Selfish

Disposition: She is kind to those who are only willing to help her in the way of self-perservation. She is rude at times especially to those she feels that should be a lower status then her. She looks up to Master Vormav with fear and respect. The only other person in the clan she would be civil to in the clan is her lover Dante Alucard. Shana hates anyone of higher rank, for she knows they have the power to take her sexualy, which makes her quiet agravated.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She is 5 feet 5 inches and weights about 120 pounds. She has silver-ish lanvender hair that stops just above her rear. Her skin is unique pale color that is almost of a milky white, and totally smooth as well. her eyes are of a bright sky blue, her dress stops just above her ass and under that she wears nothing.

Background: She was a human who lived in Ballhalu. At the age of 9 years her parents couldn't care for her any longer. They sold her to a local noblemen as a servent of the house. The noble would always throw parties in which he would invite many friends of the noble status, but of low moral standing. They would usualy have fun with a hired danncer, but during one party they had none. They turned their attention to Shana, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 20 or so men used her for their own sexual enjoyment. This continued on during each party until she couldn't take it anymore. By the time she turned 18 Shana finally had enough of her current life and ran away. Soon she ventured into a forest near the Badlands and crossed paths with Vormav Darkheart. Because of her past, she hates the idea of those who have a higher ranking then her because of the power it gives them over her, a sad reminder of the nobles and the parties. Despite this, she doesn't mind being in the presence of Lord Vormav, because it was he who gave her the gift to Vampirisim.

Knowledge and Skills-

Elemental Magic: 6