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Sex: Female
Age: 307 (turned at 19)
Race: Vampric Elf (3rd Generation)
Class: High Guard
Rank: Vormav's Personal Guard
Alignment: Aberrant

Disposition: Savren seems cruel and heartless on the outside. She tends to be harsh to those she either doesn't know, dislikes, or distrusts. She hardly talks, but when she does most do not like what they hear. Savren is loyal to Vormav, taking honor in her duty of protecting him. This is why she is not very social. Her only goal is his safety, and so does not bother with much else.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She has golden eyes and deep raven-black hair.

Background: As a child Savren was rejected by her family because of the color of her eyes and hair, calling her a curse on their family. At age 12 she ran a way and never looked back. She was found by Dhakron's Sect and was turned at 19.

Knowledge and Skills-

Magic: 4
Overall Weapon Proficiancy: 9
General Education: 6
Alchemy: 2
Art: 4