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Sex: Female
Age: 1
Race: Dragon
Class: None
Rank: None
Alignment: Innocent

Disposition: She is kind to Shana with an unwavering love. Towards others she is a little wary. She thinks Shana is her mother, and will get angry and violent whe she thinks her mother is in danger.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She is nearly 3 feet when on her hind legs and 4 feet from head to tail. She has beautiful purple-blue scales. Her eyes purple eyes that look silver at night. Her wings have started to form slowly, though they cannot hold her up in flight at this point in her life's stage.

Background: She was found in a cave in the Fenvun moutain range in the Badlands of Balhallu. She hatched and imprinted on Shana, thinking Shana her mother. She has followed and protected Shana ever since.

Knowledge and Skills-