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Sex: Female

Age: 478 ( appears 19 )

Race: Vampirc Elf

Class: Rogue

Alignment: Aberrant

Disposition: She is selfish, and indescribable. When around men, she tries to establish a sexual connection. She waves herself around until she gets what she wants. She ignores women mostly because she hates competition when men are involved. Though jealous in this area, she feels that the women of the clan are not in her league.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She has white hair, deep red eyes. Her elven and vampiric characteristics leave her with a beautiful, yet tan body. She is slim, eye catching and has incredible breasts.

Background: Being on orphaned in one of the Elven Kingdom's many forests left her an outcast most of her life. The isolation during this time is the reason why she likes getting the attention from others, especially men. Seeking a place to belong she sought out the legend of the Vampire Lord Vormav, who she had heard rumors about, saying he was alive in Old Scarlet Moon. After years and years of searching Rose found Castle Fenrike and Vormav himself. She discovered he had a clan and pleged her life to him. She was accepted. She grew to be very disrespectful of her Lord, thinking herself better than he. When she raised her voice to him he rasied his blade to her, and thus killed her. Her body was fed to the dogs and her soul is forever dead to the Vampire kind.

Knowledge and Skills-

Swordsmanship: 7
Hand to Hand: 6
Basic Magic: 2
Art: 7
Crafts: 3
Marksmanship: 7