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Nicola Jafaron

Sex: Female
Age: 18
Race: Vampric Human
Class: Warrior
Rank: Soldier
Alignment: Selfish

Disposition: Nicolas Disposition is one of a bitter sweet kind. She takes a while to warm up, picking on people, or being cocky untill she is undserstood all the way through. To animals, though, was a different matter. Having had a friend of the dragonic type she grew a little soft for a cute, reptilian, face. She is rarely flirty, and dislikes being a "pleasure" toy unless it is to jepordize her life. She is slightly Sexist, but not as much as some may be. She trusts her sword more than she trusts flesh and blood sometimes, she finds trust can be over rated at more times than one.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: Nicola is about 5'4'' and thin,but let that not be a factor for she is athleticaly fit, as well as strong, acompaning her speed. She has dark auburn eyes and aquatic blue hair that is always held up in a tight punytail to let fall down her back in a long curv, her hair naturaly wavy if ever caught down. She seems to smile more than frown, but over everything she seems to stare blankly when she feels there is no need for emotion to be showed.

Background: She was born in a small cottage by a young woman assisted by her father. Her mother had died and her father, grieved by the mothers loss, blamed the girl. Having only to know hunting skills she was to learn them as well, as if she was a pupil of the lowest stature. Trained sense she was 5 years old she took 7 years of beatings, harsh lessons and training untill she finally did away with her father with the sword of his, which she kept. Alone, then, and to do her own bidding, she traveled and continued to kill untill she was caught at age 15 as an assassin girl, and busted out by a small dragon she had helped before. Her and the dragon traveled alone, chased down by the athorities untill they had finally taken its life at her age of 17. Moving on without the creature she stumbled upon her life now, needing to hide and recover from her still stinging loss.

Knowledge and Skills:

Weapon Mastery(sword): 8
Education(street, literary, fighting): 9