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Sex: Male
Age: 539
Race: Vampire (Full Blood)
Class: Sorcerer
Rank: Leiutenant
Alignment: Miscreant

Disposition: Nicholas acts calm most of the time except when in battle. He looks at his opponent's weaknesses as his advantage. He doesn't care for the common or the middle class folk. He only askes for help when it fits his needs. He enjoys Vormav's disposition and as such loves carrying out his orders.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: Nicholas is 6 feet tall, 210 pounds and has lavender hair.

Background: Nicholas was born a full blood vampire by a parents who were of Noble blood before they were turned. When he was 7, his they where killed by Vampire hunters. He managed to escape and travled far away. He was adopted by a mysterious old man named Vuel of Jasron. Vuel was a skilled Necromancer in need of a pupil. He trained with Vuel learning how to use the dark powers of Necromancy. After many years of studying he heard a calling. The darkness, The chaos, The God was calling him. Evil, God of the same name, directed him to a far-off place. He travled to the badlands of Balhalu, formerly the horrid place known as the Scarlet Moon Empire. He found Vormav Darkheart, all-father of his kind and swore allegiance to him by joining his clan.

Knowledge and Skills-

Necromancy: 9
Other Magic: 5
Academics: 8
Craftsmanship: 4