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Sex: Female
Age: 261 (turned at 25)
Race: Vampire
Class: Sorceress
Rank: Soldier

Disposition: Marissa is loyal and protective of those she holds close to her heart. Marissa is quiet and watchful. She bases everything she does on the honor taught to her by her family and remains loyal to the clan and always to her lord. She would lay down her life for anyone close to her if she thought they were in danger. She is kind to those she loves and protects, but when enraged in battle, her demonic side surfaces. She gives respect to those that show respect to her.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: Marissa has long azure hair, honey brown eyes, and slightly pale skin. Her beauty is timeless, she looks to be in her early 20's. She is strong yet delicate. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 119 pounds.

Background: Marissa's parents and sister had been murdered when she was very young. She grew up in her uncle's home where she was taught to defend herself and use her magical ability. As the years progressed Marissa learned that her Uncle had killed her parents for his own fortune. In the end she killed her Uncle and regained what was once her families fortune and home. She has been traveling since she was 17, searching for a place where she belonged. She came upon the party

Knowledge and Skills-

Elemental Magic: 8
Archery: 10
Hand to Hand: 3
Basic Education: 7