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Sex: Male
Age: 232
Race: Vampric Human
Class: Advisor/Amurok Priest
Rank: High Chancellor
Alignment: Selfish

Disposition: Greddy, kinving and self-centered, Jodo is a worm. He thinks himself higher than all the clan, including Vormav, yet is afraid of the harm any one of them could do to him. He serves Vormav loyaly, though would stab him in the back if there ever was a chance. though there never being one. He uses the Clan and Vormav as his sheild and for his own gain. He injoys using the laws and ways of the clan to gain political power and to weed out traitors, though he follows them to a tee. He is a priest of the Amunrok, a dark order of unholy Magi who have tried to bring about the destruction of Wyvren, for the will of the Goddess Chaos.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: He is short, with a hunched-back. His eyes are a sickly yellow and his face is un-appealing. He has a tatto upon his brow which signifies him a priest of the Unholy Amurok.

Background: Jodo was a political official who was betrayed during Altek Delenous' overthrow of Ballhalu. He was outcast and became a Hermit. Vormav found him one day and gave him a new life within the clan as his Chancellor.

Knowledge and Skills-