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Sex: Male
Age: 57 (turned at 22)
Race: Vampric Elf (3rd Generation)
Class: Ranger
Rank: Soldier
Alignment: Aberrant

Disposition: Drakkhen tends to be the silent type, he never speaks his mind openly unless prodded enough, and he tends to come off as rude at first sometimes. Overall, he is fairly young for a drow, and just a boy at heart, barely schooled in the black arts of killing and he fiddles with a few cantrips. He never hurts anyone without a good cause, and will not kill those he has a big advantage over. People tend to act more afraid or show dislike of him than to take to be his friend.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: Long stark white hair, blazing red eyes, and nearly black skin.

Background: Growing up far underground where only the foulest creatures can survived, he was schooled for 40 years in swordplay, 5 years in magic, and spent the rest of his time there(89 years) schooled in the knowledge of everything in the land. Having heard that all elves but vampiric elves are evil, he decided to find this out for himself, and he has come to the surface world 8 years ago.

Knowledge and Skills-

Magic: 1
Swordplay: 6
Education: 10
Craft (Bows): 5