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Sex: Male
Age: 232 (turned at 197)
Race: Vampric Elf (1st Generation)
Class: Dark Knight
Rank: Lt. Commander
Alignment: Miscreant

Disposition: He usually ignores most people, only adressing others of higher rank with respect. He gets along with others mostly for his own gain, admiring and serving Vormav withstanding. He hates his own kind and dispises all of his race, except himself. He is destructive and vendictive, loving to manipulate, insult and cause pain to anyone he can.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: He is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weights 212 pounds. He is dusty blonde hair and olive colored eyes.

Background: During the Red Moon War Dahkron caused the great civil upheavil among the Elven Kingdoms that lead to their fall to the Scarlet Moon Empire. He betrayed his own kind in hopes that Vormav would reward him with Vampirisim. When Vormav learned that Dhakron had caused the uphevial, he happily gave it to him, and a position within the army. When Vormav retreated to Fenrike at the end of the war, he orderd Dhakron to stay within the Kingdoms, so that he may spread the Vampire seed and influence to that area. Dhakron was ordered to remain there for 200 years.

Knowledge and Skills-

Swordsmanship: 7
Weapons Mastery: 6
Elemental Magic: 3
Politics: 9
Manipulation: 10


He need a player. Please use this link here t find out more about the clan. Thanks and good luck.