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Sex: Female
Age: 20 ( was turned at 20 )
Race: Vampric Human
Class: Assassin
Rank: Soldier
Alignment: Diabolical

Disposition: Demona is very quiet and reserved. She hardly expresses her opinion, even when she has the chance. Her heart belongs to Vormav, although she will never tell anyone that it does. She is very loyal to the clan and follows orders well, but is a slave to no one, save Vormav.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She has long magenta hair, that reaches her lower back, and it has a slight curl to it. Her eyes are black, her skin is a smooth silky white that contrasts with her hair and eyes perfectly. She is a short and slim girl. She is only 5 feet 4 inches and weights 110, but she feels completely weightless if she wants to.

Background: Demona was a good-hearted human named Tyr-auna before she met Vormav. He turned her while on a trip to Lanrow Village. Once his kin, she desired to kill in his name. She became a force of evil he had never spawned before, twisted and vicious, almost demon-esque. So he named her Demona. She has grown attached to Vormav because of that encounter.

Knowledge and Skills-