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Sex: Female
Age: 21 (turned at 21)
Race: Vampirc Human (5th Generation)
Class: Warrior
Rank: Soldier
Alignment: Aberrant

Disposition: She is an outgoing girl who lives for fun and adventure. She gets along with most except those who would harm her friends or make jests about her hair. She is feircely loyal to Lord Vormav, for she is secretly in love with him. She is loyal to those she trusts and those who serve Vormav's will.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She is 5 foot 7 inches and weights 125 pounds she has short smokey-black hair and matching eyes.

Background: Cali was born to a common familiy. Her Father trained her how to fight with various weapons. Not much else is known.

Knowledge and Skills-

Fighting: 6
Survival: 2
Target and Archery: 7
Weaponsmastery: 7