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Sex: Female
Age: 20 (turned at 20)
Race: Vampric Human (1st Generation)
Class: Mage
Rank: Lady
Alignment: Miscreant

Disposition: A seductive temptress in nature, Anya enjoys flirting with the men of the clan for she enjoys the power she has over them. The only one she trully respects is her husband Vormav, for only he holds control over her. She will do anything for his sake and his goals and is highly Loyal to the Clan. Her personalty nearly mirrors Vormav's, which makes her a perfect wife.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description:

Background: Sometime after they married and she is now the Lady of the Scarlet Moon Clan.

Knowledge and Skills-

Magic: 9
Swordsmanship: 7
Fighting: 9
Education: 7