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Sex: Female
Age: 24 (turned at 24)
Race: Vampric Human (4th Generation)
Class: Mystic Alchemist
Rank: Soldier
Alignment: Selfish

Disposition: Alexanna is a troubled spirit, always worrying about something. She is a bit clumsy and always manages to ruin one of her experiments. She is loyal to the Clan and has no quams with anyone, unless they ruin one of her projects. She is rare to anger. Alexanna has a secret obsesion with Vormav for she will do anything he says, feeling giddy in his presence.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She has dark brown hair deep brown eyes. She weights 123 pounds and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Background: She was an Alchemist in from the Northern part of Gavenbrook. She was caught out on the streets of her city one night and turned by a member of Darius' order. She was then sent to Vormav as a present, as Darius knew he would enjoy her greatly.

Knowledge and Skills-

Alchemy: 8
Magic: 2
Science: 6
Herblore: 6
Knowledge: 8