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Project Everdark

        1-3-01 Project Everdark Started
        3-15-01 Kaladora finished
        3-27-01 This Website created
        4-14-01 Email Address Changed to     
        4-30-01 Outskirts completed
        5-21-01 Website updated
        8-20-01 Email address changed to

When I first posted this site, I went through a long period of no feedback, so I stopped updating. Eventually I changed email address. Just recently I checked my hotmail email and found multiple letters that have shown interest in my project. In result, I am completely revamping this site. It will not only include Everdark:City of Deception material, but also anime DivX trading, and info on the other projects I am involved in. As of now the company's name is Ghost Raccoon. I will post the rest of the installments of the pentagram saga and add another story, Revenge, to the story line section. I will include everything from screenshots to Mp3s.The layout of the site will be far less simple and easier to navigate (It'll look a lot kewler too) I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever, school's been getting in the way etc. If any of you out there want to help with Everdark or the new site, just email me at

Everdark is a fan based RPG (role playing game). I started creating it about 3 months ago and now I am calling upon the online gaming community for help. It first started as a Mod for Half-life. I dropped that idea because, if I was ever going to market my Mod, I would have to illegally burn the Half-life game to distribute my Mod. Also, the Half-life engine was very constricting as well as complex. I couldn't guide the player through the places that I wanted them to, they were free to roam. Then I found the perfect engine, RPG Maker 2000 translated by Don Miguel. There was only one problem. I couldn't convert my story from the old Mod to the RPG. I had to create a new story line. As an English project, I had to create a myth. I wrote a dark, cynical myth. This myth feature the soon to be main character of my game. I found that my friend, Spheric Thor, instead of taking notes from lectures in Driver's Ed (don't ever get near him on the road), was writing a story based on people that he knew. I merged the myth, the story, and some other ideas from my own mind to create the story line for my game:

Everdark: City of Deception

To view the stories that my RPG's story line was taken from go to the Story Line section.

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