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The only Advanced Fighting Fantasy and Mechwarrior 3rd Edition website

Dungeoneers: The AFF & MW3 RPG Team

The Dungeoneers are a group of teenagers aged 14-17 that play
Advanced Fighting fantasy and  Mechwarrior 3rd Edition role-playing games. There are 6 of us:

Wolfric: Gamemaster for both RPGs. Age 14. Brother of Stormgard.

: Age 17. Brother of Wolfric. Player (AFF: All round hero warrior, MW3: Comstar (Explorer Corps) Aerospace/dropship pilot) and aide to Gamemaster.

Jordell: Age 14. Player (AFF: Elf, MW3: Draconis Combine Engineer).

: Age 17. Player (AFF: Human thief, MW3: Draconis Combine ex-Yakuza member).

: Age 15. Player (AFF: Human Illusionist mage, MW3: Federated Suns surgeon).

: Age 17. Player (AFF: Human invoker/elemental mage/demon hunter, MW3: Federated Suns MI6 special operations mechwarrior).

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