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Known Worlds Chaos

List of Planets(15):



Hell(red desert)



Cloud (Isle of the sky)



Cerberus One









Planet Bio's: Den - Birthplace of the human race, this once poluted and warped planet was completly changed by the "Apocalypse War", After several centurys of being in a lifeless state, the planets surface suddenly came alive with live, plants and animals seemed to spring up from no were, to this day no explanation for this has been presended but its rumored some kind of "Demensional warp" was used or that maby it was some kind of life bomb, some say it was simply a mirical.

Destania - Sister planet to Edan, this lush jungle like planet is hostile to alien life and many colonys have been lost to its mystirous and dangerous surface were the jungle is so thick, no sun light can shine through.

Hell - aply named by explorers, hell is a desolent red desert planet, almost no life is found there. The redness of the sands is cuased by high amounts of rusted iron, possibly the reason why thare is so few life forms on this planet.

Artalia -Mystic land artalia, home to the elfs, takis, and nymphs. This planet is covered with oceans, lush forests, and vast elven cities, the main reason for many territorial wars.

Zeven - Harsh desert land of zeven is home to the "Weres", rare oisises and underground rivers are home to large cities or tribes of werewolfs,weretigers, and other like races. WereWolfs commenly raid the other ocupends of zeven , thay are very territorial and always seek to further thare boundrys, thay have sparked at least two recorded wars with other planets, most recently with the elven world of Artalia.

Cloud - Aptly named, this anomily called cloud or "Isle of the sky" is a planet with no land, its pure atmosphere, the only explanation for this is magic, this strange planet has gravity, how or why is unaparent, but it is said those who fall at cloud, shall fall forever.

Titanus - World of giants and birth place to the first dragons, this planet is home to the largest monstrositys in the galexy, from gigantic insects to sharks the size of city blocks, it is also rumored to be the home of the fabled "White Leviathan".

Epoch - Land of the black mist, the days are dark, the nights are darker, only the most well equiped adventurers even think of setting foot on epoch.

Cerberus One - Ice planet of Cerberus One, during the day is the only time anyone would want to try moving around, during the night is so cold, a gear would freeze in its tracks.

Libra -Beautifull land of libra, cool almost perfect year round weather , vast green plains span this planets surface, but with any planet it dos have its dangers.

Utopia - Gathering place of phycics, no one knows what it realy looks like, and those that do, wont tell.

Aquarius - A large planet covered with a deep dark ocean, home to the gigantic leviathens and many other aquatic creatures, very dangerous and spaning.

Cypher - Techno land cypher, a entire planet made by sentient races, docking port for all trade vessals and space convois.

Neo-Den - The colony of neo-den settled in soon after the devistation of den, it was suppost to be better than the original, but it has in deed become the original, pleagued by polution and overcrouding, this supposid "better life" has turned into a bad case of dajavu.

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