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Vehicals and what they do.


Tanks - slow, heavily armored and armed single or double man vehicales, they move by tracks(catapiller), hover, or wheeled propulsion systems.most commanly use a turret mounted weapon, usualy a cannon or laser.

Fighter - Jets, planes and other alike aircraft are listed hear, "fighter" is used both for the class, and the vehicale, dont get them confuzed.

VTOL - Vertical Takeoff Or Landing, better known as Helecopters and hoverpods. these mount light armor, weaponry and medium speed, but have astaounding agility.

Gunships - Heavily armed and armored helecopter like vehicals, known for being serprisingly leathal for its type.

Gear - Large robotic machines, thay are well balences, armor, heavily equiped, and deadly to the core. Thay vary in size and structure, some being created in the image of humanoids, some can pass for giant insects. The only big downside(and i mean big) is the price tag ,cost of repairing, and re-equiping these things.

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