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The types of dragons is split into two main groups, that then branch into sub groups as fallows: English and oriental dragons, english is the more solid comman type scene in much of western legends , they as with all dragons vary widly in range, but the most comman feature is thare overall shape, they have powerfull legs/arms , the hips and upper torso of this type is generaly larger than the stomech or widght of the tail and neck bases, though quite a few dont fit into this generalization at least with the belly size(hehe). the second main type is the oriental dragon, these are always serpent like with a long nearly always consistent in width body, slightly stubby in comparison legs and arms, the head is also almost always the same build and shape, most likly a sign of having solid genetics (ie the genetics arnt degenerating nore have they been altered with outside matings). Then the first group is split into "Grand Dragons" ,"Comman Dragons" and "Psuedo Dragons". Grand Dragons being the types that characters are almost never aloud to be, thes gigantic monsters can tower over buildings or clutch boeing jets in thare claws like a falcon clasps a sparrow, these long living creatures are very powerfull but in the same tandem, very wise. few have ever died and those that have is usualy a result of thare own choice or stupitidy. the "Comman Dragons" is a VERY wide catagory, this contanes the bulk of type that characters will be, these smaller dragons (generaly from 10 to 60ft) tend to be eather more animal like , or less animal like than thare larger cousins, True dragons, dragon half breeds and dragon desendents fall into this catagory. the last, "Psuedo Dragons", are not actully dragons in the truest sence, but in apearence are, these are hydras, wyrns, wurms and sprite dragons or dragonets(ie pixie or fairy dragons) these types are generaly tolerated by the other types but tend to be too short lived to have any sort of long term freindship with them or are too animal like, hydras and wyrns tending to be prey or preying on dragons and other psuedo dragons. Now to the second main group, this one is the more simple to explane, thare are two sub types, Demi-god(a no no for chars) and guardian, oriental dragons almost always have a perpose, be it defending somthing/someone or to moderate another race(eather giving them guidence or squashing them down). Now as for colors, this varies VERY VERY widly, so i cant realy give you a list here cuase from realm to realm this can be different from one to another.