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Game System

Gaming System
(note: henceforth the words "he him and his" will be used for char examples, this is in no way a gender related aspect its simple to simplify for gaming perposes, so you dont see alot of "he/her,his/hers" or "its")

Rolls are done on a D20 for the majority of actions.
The base for a hit is 15, this is modifed by the attackers skills, str and the person being attacked skills and def, the easiest way to explane this is to see a 15, the attacker adds minuses to the roll(ie the attacker could cuase a -1 to the roll) while the defender would cuase pluses to the roll(ie the defender could cuase a +1 to the roll) meaning that if the attacker cuased a -2(from his skills and str) and the defender added a -1(from his skills and dex) so the attack base would now be 14, so through out the battle, the attacker would need a 14 to hit the defender.
Depending on the skills of the combatents, it could be easy for one person to hit the other, or seamingly impossible to do so.

Now for the importent stuff: Character creation.
This aspect is in some sences, both simple and complex, first a player selects a race thay want for thare character, 50pts to divide between hp and mp as thay choose(note some races have bonuses or minuses to hp/mp) and submit that along with thare email addy, a email will be sent back with in 24hrs with three groups of 5 numbers, the player then picks the group thay want(usualy the one with the most balenced or most high rolled score) and then put those scores into 5 stats: Str, Dex, Tech, PS, and INT.
These will then be posted with in four days along with any other importent imformation the player will need to properly play thare newly created character.

Stat Defenitions, short hands, and what do:

Physical powess, this is a overal measurment of how much a person can lift, for how long, and how much controle thay have over thare body. This effects attacks and what types of armor/weapons a char can toat around.

Overall measurment of Speed, reaction time, and hand eye coridnation. This roughly tells how fast a person can run, how quickly thay react, and how accuratly thay throw or catch somthing.
This effects projectile weapons, defence and init.

Technical Knowledge(tech):This measures how much a person knows about technolagy and how well thay interact with it, eather by training, or just having a "nack" for it. This effects any interaction with mechanical locks, tools, some weapons/armor and interact with vehicals.(though some vehicals are made specificly to be "dummy proof")

Pilot Skill(ps):
This is how skillfully a person can operate thare accoustomed machine, although called "pilot skill" it still pretanes to driving as well, this tells how advanced a machine the character can use, higher the ps, the better machines you have at your disposal.
this also effects gunnery and manuvering rolls.

This is a measurement of the characters ever day knowledge as well as thare above average mental capability, this effects a persons ability to solf puzzles, notes illusions, and understand things other would not. this mainly also effects spells, acting very much like str and dex in one, the more intel you have the more stronger your spells will be and the less likly youll be suseptable to others spells.

Other Stats:

Hit Points(hp):
Very importent, this tells how much punishment a character can take before he bites the dust. when this droped to 0(zero) the character loses concousness and will not regane concousness till 1(one) hour has past or someone has been kind anuff to caste a healing spell.
If this Dropes below -10(ten) the character is killed.

Magic Points(mp):
This is how much magic a person can crank out before needing a rest, once a character depletes his MP supply he can only regain it by waiting one hour (actual time) , after this time has past the person has had susficient rest and is at max mp again.
Some items and even a few spells may restore mp faster.

Stat Score Effects: (1)Score = effect on str/int/dex(as attack)
1-5 = +1
10 = 0
20 = -1
30 = -2
40 = -3
50 = -4
60 = -5
70 = -6

(2)Score = effect on int/dex(as defence)*
1-5 = -1
10 = 0
20 = +1
30 = +2
40 = +3
50 = +4
60 = +5
70 = +6

*Note: All other actions that require different stats use score system #2(two).

Damage System:
Fore Hand to Hand(H2H) battles, only str is used for dmg(unless of corse one of the combatents finds somthing to throw, then dex is used for that attack, but this could have penaltys) Damage(hereafter DMG) is calculated by taking the stat score in use and halfing it, round to the nearest multiple of 5(five) this would give you the base dmg factore.
(ie a person has say 40str, thay punch another person and score a succesfull hit, thay would do 20dmg and such a person with 41str would do 25dmg, simplest way to explane this is, alittle more pressure is all thats needed to break a bone while having just to little would do less.)

When a weapon is used , this is factored in by the weapons dmg ONLY, str adds to your ability to hit your target and how heavy of a weapon you can bear with out incuring penaltys.
Dex is simurlaly importent, it adds to how well you aim/throw and most guns and even some malee weapons require the dex to manuver the weapon and shoot/throw properly.

Now for how we figure dmg and how rolls effect it, for every +1 higher than the attacker required to hit his dmg is increased by +10% to a maximum of +50%, ie a char could have a 20dmg factor, his base to hit on this opponent is 9, one of his attacks rolls up a 10, he would have 22dmg done for that attack, while if he had rolled a 15 he would have done 30dmg.
Higher rolls than +5 of the base have no effect on dmg

Vehical System:
this plays a very importent part of C:TE, though similar to the character system, this differ in ways being thay have only 3(three) stats, Hp(the base dmg a machines frame can take before being distroyed) Str(how much weight the frame can handle) and Speed, speed is split into two groups, ground and air, only Gears can have both types.

Almost ALL the information needed for a vehical is set into several groups:
Speed(spd) Type Ground and Air(G and A, ie if it was a plane then Spd(A) would be its group)
Coolent(everthing a vehical dos generates at least some heat, fireing weapons requires coolent or eventualy the pilot/driver could be cooked alive!)
Model (vehical type)
Class (vehical class, comman, battle, and war)
Armor Type
Armor Points(ap)
Max Weight
Current Weight
Paint sceme/emblems(if any)
Pilot Name
Vehical Name(pilots some times nickname thare vehicals)

Vehicals do basic dmg from thare str and weapons, punching/kicking(gears only) can cuase dmg if the gear is not properly equiped with a "Glove" or specialy disigned impact armor.
ALL vehicals can RAM into others, but obviously this cuases dmg to both partys, and in some vehicals(such as jets and vtols) this is fatal.

The "to hit" system is the same as for chars, exept only PS adds to your rolls from the char stats, other additions can only be receaved from advanced targeting systems, anti missle systems and QRES or quick response evasion system.

Many other items can be instaled into a vehical, but to operate some (such as infra red, night vision and motion detectors) the char must state activating it, its not alway on.
(ie teal flips on his motion detector and sits in wait.)

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