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Ok i know id give hight weigh all that crap, but sence i did that already in the other sections, ill just explanes some simple consepts.---- first and formost is flight, magical dragons almost always fly at a crawl by normal dragon standards, but they never get tired and have nearly unlimited range of airial manuvability, while normal dragons, have power full wings that can porpell them at encredible speeds, the small the dragon , the higher the ratio of speed to size , larger dragons of coarse can fly longer, but much slower. ok magicaly flying dragons always move at 80mph, no matter size. the way speed is figured is this: dragons need at least 60mph to remane in the air at low altatudes, the largest dragon doing this speed, to get this you need to add the dragons high and lenght, and divide it by 2, what you get is your dragons size ratio, using this you find out how much smaller you dragon is than 60ft(ie if you drags ratio came out as 30ft , then 60 - 30 = 30) this is thenow taking this numder you multiply it by 5, what you get is your dragons max flying speed (thats flying strait, dragons go faster when diving and slower when climbing). i gave the base for doing the math for a dragons weight to hight ealier, so i wont list it here.