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Armor Armor requires "Slots" or sections of the body they are worn on , EVERY race has four(4,Head,torso,arms,legs) slots, no exeptions.

Armor name(slot(s) required) - discription. Tunic(torso) - Light cloth tunic worn by lower income citizens.+5hp

Gloves(arms) - Tight leather gloves used to protect the hands or keep them warm in cold weather.+5hp

Pants(legs) - Cloth or leather pants.+15hp

Helm(head) - Dull metal helm with out a face plate, always usefull for protecting ones noggin.+20hp

Full Plate(all) - Head to toe heavy armor prefered by knights and large races,the serpreme protection.30str,+30hp

Gothic Plate(all) - Same as Full Plate but adorned with magical runes that offer some protection, require some inteligence to operate though.30str/int,+30hp +10mp

Chest Plate(torso) - name says it all, thick metal chest plate.20str,+20hp

Gaunlet(arms) - Metal gloves.10str,+10hp