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Throwing Knife- A small(3"-8") Sharpend peice of metal with a point, heavier at the pointed end, used as small throwing weapons.5dmg

Dagger - Usualy a foot long, these small weapons are very comman and cheap, leather wraped handle, one sided blade and tapers to a sharp point.10dmg

Short Sword - ranging from 3 to 4 ft in length, 1 inch in width, these easy to use swords rely on more slashing and stabbing power, sence thay do not weigh much, cutting with brute force is almost out of the question.Required:10str/dex.15dmg

Sword - ranging from 4 to 7ft in lenght, these weapons vary in size, type, cut and weight, some are ment for cuting, like the midevil Bastard sword, this weapon has two sides for easy cutting in eather direction, it has a larger than normal hand guard, measuring almost twice as wide as a normal sword. on the other hand, thare are swords like the katana , this has only one side, and is used to cuase leathal slashes, weapons like the ultra light rapier, are ment for pearcing.15str/dex,18dmg

Broad Sword - midevil weapons of huge bulk and discructive power, measuring around 8ft in lenght, and with a nearly foot wide blade, these weapons are very difficult to weild but in the same sence, very deadly.Only the strongest and most skilled of warriors weild these.25str/15dex,25dmg

Long Sword - similure to the comman sword or bastard sword, but with tremendous lenght, these long swords can measure as long as 10ft in lenght, but are only around 2-4inches wide. very difficult to weild, and akward.20str/dex, 20dmg

Hatchet - a foot long axe like tool used for choping wood.10str, 10dmg.

Small Axe - a three foot long weapon with a 8inch blade, the head of the axe is heavy and is used only to chop.20str,15dmg

Axe - heavier than smaller calaber of axes, the normal axe has a 5-6ft handle with a foot wide double sized blade.30str,25dmg.

Battle Axe - a tremendous weapon used by barbarians and large creatures, it has a handle of 8ft in lenght, and a 4ft wide double bladed head, requiring incredible strength to weild, but with the result of tremendous discructive power.50str,30dmg Bow Gun - small mechanical bow gun, uses 8inch bolts that can be shot with anuff force to penitrate a 2x4 with ease. No real skill required.5dmg a bolt. SPECIAL: no prophicency penalty.

Short Bow - a simple bow and string, measuring only 3ft wide, these tiny bows are easy to use, and quick to be brought to readyness, fireing foot long arrows. require certan skills.10dex, 8dmg.

Long Bow - a large woodsmans bow, standing 7ft from tip to tip, these weapons shoot huge 3ft arrows with anuff force to lift a man off the gound apone impact. require extensive skills in archery and above average strenght.30dex/15str,20dmg.

Staff - a 6ftlong, 2inch thick wooden or metal staff prefered by magic users.10str/dex,5dmg.

Spear - 6ft wood or metal shaft with a metal point, occasionaly barbed.15str/20dex,20dmg.

Lance - a heavy 8ft wood or metal javalin like weapon that is far to heavy to be thrown and is commenly used by mounted knights.30str/45dex,30dmg.SPECIAL: dmg is increased by +50% if braced to receave a charging or leaping attacker.

Mace - a foot long wood handle and a large metal ball on the end, occasionaly the ball is spiked and or there is a 5inch metal chain connecting the ball to the handle.12dex, 10str,10dmg.

Whip - 6ft leather or chain whip.40dex/15int,5dmg.SPECIAL: can grip and hold things, succefull roll required for stationary objects, a natural 20 is required for moving objects or items being used/held by others.

Sling - small leather sling used to throw rocks or metal orbs. 5dex, dmg per stone type.

Sicle - a long(3ft) curved blade on the end of a 5-6ft wood or metal staff. in ancient times it was used to cut wheat on farms.20dmg/20dex/15int,25dmg.