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Rules and things to know


Here at C:TE we have TWO battle systems that are similar but differ in a few ways, one system, is for Chars who are on foot , the seond is for "vehicals" thare are several types of vehicals and some have branching rules that aply to them alone, vehical types as of 11/9/00 are: Gears,Tanks,Jets, VTOLs,and your comman car/truck/van, each vehical usualy has its own advantages and its own disadvantages, note: a player could play entirly only using the Char system if thay so choose, but of coarse, you cant go by just the vehical system, some ones gotta drive.

Quests are to be ran by trained GMs , each GM has a set time thare expected to run quests, if a GM so chooses, thay can have a player run a quest, under thare supervision and with the knowledge that thay are responsible for that players actions.

Duels are to be ran by trained GMs ONLY.

Violating the rules of the game system may or will result in punishment to that players char thay were using at the time, most often it will be exp deductions, if the player persists to violate the rules, the character will be deleted.

Chat Rules
No spamming
No Flooding
No unnessiary OOC(out of character)
No OOC fighting, this WILL result in kicks and possibly banning.
No Disrispecting the GMs, protests are expected, but using unessisary language and/or explicite signs will result in a kick.
No F word, C word(ask a GM if you dont know what that is), and no story lines that involve molestation, rape or any other sensative matters. NOTE: this dos not mean no blood, gore, or disembowment, as for those, BRING IT ON!

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