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Race Information

Race bonuses,restrictions, and skill list -


Human - No bonus or minus to stats. +1 prophicency slot.

Elf - +2dex, -2str. Cannot be "Knight" class. Cannot use "Hvy Armor" Prophicency.

Half-Elf - +1dex, -1str. Cannot be "Knight" class.

Dwarf - +1str/tech, -1dex/int. Cannot be "Mage","Cleric" or "Wizard" Class.(but can have the prophicencys)

Nymph - +2int, -1str/tech. Cannot be "Knight","Fighter","Ninja" or "Mechanic". Cannot use "Hvy Armor" Prophicency.

Pixie - +2dex, -2str, +15mp, -10hp. Cannot be "Knight" or "Fighter" class. Cannot use "Hvy Armor" prophicency.

Orc - +3str, -2int, -1tech. +5hp. Cannot be "Cleric", "Medic", "Theif", "Ranger", "Mage", "Wizard" "Ninja" or "Mechanic" class. Cannot use "White Magic","Heal", "Steal","Black Magic", "Elemmental Magic" or "Tracking" prophicencys.

Gnome - +1 Int/Tech, -1str/dex. Cannot be "Medic" or "Mechanic"

Lycanthrope - +2Str/Dex, -2int,-3tech. +10hp. Cannot be "Medic" class.

Wolf - +1dex, -1tech. Cannot be "Theif", "Medic" or "Mechanic" class. Cannot use "Heal" prophicency.

Dragon - +4str, -3dex, -3tech, +10hp. +1hit penalty.

Dragon-Kin - +2str, -1dex/tech. +5hp.

Taki - Same as "Elf".

Race Skills:

Human - None.

Elf - Enhanced Vision. Enhanced Hearing.

Half-Elf - Enhanced Hearing.

Dwarf - Craftmenship.(can tell how much a item is worth, how well it was made, and even how long ago, just by holding it.)

Nymph - Blend.(able to hide in natural seroundings with a 20% chance of hiding succefully, for every lvl above the first the nymph's chance increeses by +5%. but thare chancec are halfed if hiding from another nymph.)

Pixie - Hide.(similure to "Blend" but only have 50% chance at first lvl) Agility.(+1 to defence) Forest speak.(can converce and speak with any none-hostile plant life.)

Orc - Slight night vision. Ehanced sence.(Smell)

Gnome - Magic sence.(can tedect magic in a 10ft radius around the gnome, any items, spell casting and magical effects in this range can be "Felt" by the gnome.)

Lycanthrope - Enhanced sences.(sight,sound,smell) Enhanced Healing.(heal twice as fast as normal races)

Wolf - Enhanced Sences.(Sight,sound,smell) lvl1 Telepathy(can send mental messages one way, in short distences, around the wolf in a 20ft radius, cannot "hear" others thoughts, can only send single thoughts but can receave them from other telepaths).

Dragon(as per color = skill) -

Black = Acid breath(10dmg,5dmg for 4rounds after unless removed), 1/2 dmg from acid(at birth).immunity to acid(at lvl6).

White = Ice breath (10dmg), 1/2 dmg from cold(at birth), immunity to cold(lvl6).

Blue = Bolt Arch(10dmg, can kill small electric equipment), 1/2 electrical dmg(at birth), immunity to electricity.(lvl6)

Green = Poison Cloud(10dmg, 5dmg for 4 terns after, only can be removed by magic), 1/2 poison effects(birth),immunity to poison(lvl6)

Red = Fire Breath (10dmg, burns small flamable objects), 1/2 fire dmg(birth), Immunity to fire(lv6).

Brass = Sleeping gas(no dmg, cuases 2rds of sleeping), 1/2 sleep time(birth), Immunity to sleep spells/gasses.(lvl6)

Silver = Sonic Wail(or roar)(10dmg), 1/2 sound dmg(birth), Immunity to Sound dmg(lvl6).

Amber = Healing Touch(none-dmg type, +10hp) +25% healing Magic effects(birth.excluding healing touch). +50 healing magic effects(lvl6 excluding healing touch).

Gold = Paralyisis cloud.(cuase 2rds of +2penalty do to numbness) 1/2numbness time(birth), immunity to numbness(lvl6).

Dragon-Kin skills = Same as Dragon, only half as effective, i.e : a Black Wvyrn would have 5dmg acid breath , that would do 5dmg for 2 rds after. also only -25% from acid dmg(birth), only 1/2 from acid dmg,(lvl6). (this gos the same for poison, sleep and numbness durations, immunitys, and effects in thare respectible areas.)

Dragons and Dragon-kin can use there Breath weapons/effects 1 time per lvl per quest/duel. IE a lvl1 brass could use his sleeping gas once a quest or duel, while a lvl5 could use it five times.