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Race Backgrounds

Humans -
Humans make up the majority of the population outnumbering others at least three to one, due to the fact that thay came about into existence far before any other race including elfs.
Thay lack the abilitys other races have, and tend to be lack natural powess, but in that same sence, thay lack all negatives the other races suffer.

Elfs -
Both lighter and shorter than the average human, elves are noted for almost always having handsome features and being physicaly fit thought thay tend to be naturaly weaker than other races in terms of strenght.
With those features pushed aside, elfs are very much like humans in apearence, elfs have pointy ears so that tends to be a dead give away but thats somthing thats easily covered by a simple hat.
Elfs are both inteligent and agile, these nimble creatures are commanly forest dwellers and its uncomman to find one with a home outside of such a enviroment.
Elves cannot be knights. Half-Elfs -
Half human and half elf, thay enjoy both parents traits, being only slightly smaller than the average human and thare ears are only midly pointed unlike elfs, thay share traits from both groups and fit in with both but usualy do not truely feal at home, always being looked at as a outcaste even when amoungst freinds.Half-elves cannot be knights.

Dwarf -
Short, Stalky, with a solid build and the sence of humor of a peice of wood, you got a dwarf.These master crafstmen are expert smiths and techs, thay enjoy working on things others would find to difficult or complex. thare only big flaw is a near phobia of magic, both naturaly and from a state of mind, thay wouldnt use it to save thare lives.
Dwarfs cannot be any sort of spell caster class.

Nymph -
A race that is comprised entirly of females, thare beauty puts even the finest elf to shame . Nymphs have the same build and hight of elves but thare color is lighter usualy a unatural pail green or amber, thare hair tends to be the same color.
Nymphs commanly couple with humans and elves, any child carried by the nymph has only a 10% chance of being male, if it is male it is born half breed and has the features of its father.

Orc -
large humanoid monstrositys that occasionaly befreind other races, usualy this is a share and share alike freindship as the orc lacks brains but has brawn abound.
Most orcs are green or brown in color and have eather stringy black hair or none at all, thare eyes are usualy a motled brown or black, thare nose can be held akin to that of a snout of a pig, upturned at pinkish.

Gnomes -
rough cousins to the dwarves, these creatures are relitivly the same exept thay tend to be pudgier and lack technical capabilitys that the dwarves enjoy, on a counter note thay exel at the art of magic.
Due to this opposistion dwarves adn gnomes are natural enemys and cant stand to be around one another or work with the other race.

Lycanthrope -
this is actully a broad catagory, almost as broad as dragons and dragon kin, "weres" are pretty muchly a creature that is humanoid but with animal features, almost always mamal, allthought lycanthrope is usualy researved for a disease in this situation it is used for a race , actully a group of races.
the most comman re of coarse werewolfs and weretigers, but any can be found if one looks hard anuff. Lycanthropes or "Weres" tend to be larger than humans and more muscular,most are as comman as elves and half-elves, bird harpys on occasion are mistaken for harpys.

Wolf -
This is the highest evolution step of the wolf sence early pre-star exploration days, these look in every way like the every day wolfs of the old but thay have developed a advanced inteligence that rivels and even serpases the human intelect.
this is the only race that is always indowed with telepathic abilitys, being able to send a thought to somone much like a telegram.

Dragon -
A anceint race of large reptile like creatures, thay range in hight and weight from 1 -25 feet in hight, and 2lbs-3000lbs.
Witha pathora of types and variations this race is teh most spaning and complex riveld only byt the weres and dragon kin.

Dragon-Kin -
Genetic offshoots and in some cases results of breeding with other races such as human and elf.
Most range from 6"-10ft and can way only ounces or 1000lbs.
This catagory is large and broad at the same time , this list can include anything from halfbreeds to wyvns or even hydras, any reptile "like" creature that is in some way , no matter how distently, related to the dragon, are included in this group, thay range in the same color, breath weapon and immunitys that thare larger bretheren have but due to thare "impurity" thare capabilitys are usualy only half that of the dragon, both in abilitys, and defences.
Taki -
A cousin of the elf ,the taki look and act nearly the same as the elves exept takians have a pale, nearly white, complexion with solid black markings, usualy stripes or spots, it is very comman for taki to get to get black tattoos as a memorial of past occurences, confessions of love, tokens of marrage, and more commenly as a sign of rank or social status, commenly stars or crecent moons, but many others have been seen, but never very elaborate.
This race is often taged as "Dalmations" , they resent this,GREATLY.

Race Bonuses/minuses and skills