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Prophicencys and prophicency slots.


Prophicency slots - this is game standerds, for how many skills can be crammed into a characters little bitty head. Most characters have two(2) slots, then the player(thats you bub) places what skills or weaponry prohpicencys he wants his character to have, the standard character can have around four(4) total prophicencys, two the player chooses, and two that come from the characters class and race,this number of coarse isnt exact, as some races have skills, while some classes have less additions or more.

Example: jane's character Mallia, is a Elf(race) Cleric(class), mallia has enhanced hearing and sight(from race) and White Magic skill(from class), sara then gives mallia the ability to use a Gun and Black Magic. sara could have given mallia two skills, or two wep prophicencys.

So a character is made, two prophicencys are "pre set" and you have two prophicency slots that you may choose to fill in with any other skill or weapon prophicency, if it is not restricted by another rule. (ie race restrictions or class restrictions)

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