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Desert worlds and worlds of pure water hold a tandem of balence in this glaxy, peace is a akward consept that is rare to find in all but the most remote locations. Galactic battles rage on seemingly endlessly while others could care less to the affares of the rest of the galaxy.

But in the bowls of this chaotic place are a few solid groups who try to eather just get through life, or bring order to the planets,most comman is the mercenary guild "Academy", were young warriors train and become awsome forces to be reconed with, then thare are others like simple pirates, or tremendous empires like the "Hunter" empire,what one will reap the fortunes of taming the other factions?

While behind these militent factions are the fighting styles of each individual warrior, and costly machines that can quickly turn the tide of the battle.Gears, gigantic robotics , Fighter jets with massive power to propell them at incredible speeds both in the atmosphere and outside it, tanks hold down the fort with massive armor and weaponry, all are just another cog in the plan.......

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