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Although i called this section "Habits" it also lists the manners , little quirks, and rituals of dragons, as well as the after effects of some of these rituals (*wiggles brows*). Ok first up is habits, that is little things they tend to get into, for the most comman and most well known is "hording" that is gathering up thare wealth for the simple perpose of looking it over time and time again, this horde of goods is jelously guarded from outsiders and even closest freinds are looked apone with a slight distrust, occasionaly to show thare freindship they may give somthing from this pile of goods, this is to them, alot like sending somone a corvette for no aparent reason.This of coarse isnt true with all dragons, but its uncomman to find a dragon that dosnt keep at least one small treasure to look over occasionaly. also up is food, dragons have amazingly wide apitite and can dine on virtualy anything but tend to have a much smaller menu due to thare finicy palat, most eat a balance of gems and menerals (for nesseisary components for living) and meat or plant life (more to enjoy the different taste and texture) they can eat anything from metals, to gems to a fine cooked dinner, its just up too the dragons cravings.------ next up is manners, dragons have been known to be very percocious creatures, quick to make a impression on races they occasionaly deem others "lesser" than themselfs and will be outright rude when encountering them, while others will do thare utmost to keep on good terms with others, then thare are some that it just comes natural to just get along with other and act accordingly, in terms of eating....well thats a open ball park hehe.----- then on to little quirks, these are like "Sub habits" as dragons have the same quirks as other races(crossing arms, enjoying a beer, chit chatting, ect ect) while dragons tend to also have some quirks like always picking a pirch and when ever they come back to that area, they will quickly reclame the spot, or some that will eather go out of thare way to talk to others and give them advise, while others may sit back quiet as a mouse, only listening and watching, never interveaning, this is just a general idea of quirks as thare are many many more, as withh other races.------ Now on to rituals, these include things they may do before a fight, after a fight, when wooing a potential mate, ways of strenghtinging a already mated relationship, mateing outside of the dragon and dragonic races, and the after effects of all of these.-- Dragons usualy dont do much before and after a fight, but some do take alot of glee in planning tirelessly for a battle, while some may pay homage to the slane after a battle, this is rare but it happens sometiems with muze dragons(bards or song weavers). now wooping a potential mate (or just out for a companionship, switch dos happen quite often) this gets VERY complicated, as dragons are very subtle in thare advances , it may be as simple as a glance or a manner of acting around the one of interest, or can be as out right as gifts or in some very bold cases, stealing a kiss or acting notesably tender with that person. this can go on for months, years or centurys, but at one point when the dragon feals that the other is fairly sure they are aware of thare interest and will make thare interest public to all (much like waving a banner), this will eather lead to a relationship as the dragon entended or rejection, switch tends to devistate them but they almost NEVER let this show, simply go on till another fancy strikes them(this also is a slow proccess as dragons dont get attracted to anything easily so they dont just hop from one suiter to the other). Strengthening a existing relationship, this is of coarse a bit obvious, dragons do wed as other races do, though i wouldnt say these rituals are as flamboint(your not gona see a pair walking down the aisl with a tux and a white dress thats for sure), they also spent huge amounts of time with one another, genraly just cuddling, this is a bit tandem for other races and can cause problem when dragons wed other races as most need private space once in awhile, dragons do also but not nearly as often nore as frequint. they often exchange gifts that are suppost to be imbodied with a sliver of the dragons soul (this leads to a latter ritual "Weaving"), these gifts are treasured above anything else and stealing one is a quick way to get hurt. now weaving, this is the beleaf that dragons souls intertwine over time and by the time they reach death(death is suppost to complete the intanglment), they are one single entity,this seems to be a dieng tradition but some still carry it on. Those at do fallow this tradition, will almost NEVER look for another mate or companion if thare curent one dies, eather naturaly or by some violent act, notisably this tigh isnt impervious, if one or the other betrays the other(note this dosnt have to be in the normal sence of betrayal, its usualy eather companion wise, ie cheating on them, or betraying them like oh ... attacking them or turning on them when they need the other the most), the weave is unthreaded and this usualy leaves one of the two emotionaly scared or unstable(put it this way, its like being married happily to the love of your life for 6 or 7 years, then one day you come home and find shes in bed with the milk man, heh).----- now on to mating outiside the dragon and dragonic races, this is very comman as some dragons are attracted to the veriety out thare, the aproaches are the same as before and so are the other rituals, but of coarse these dragons know that by choosing non-dragon they not only invoke critasizm, but a granteed loss, as very few races can hope to live as long as a dragon, meaning if they do settle with a non-dragon, they will have to watch them die at one point. Past that morbid fact, dragon/non-dragon relationships are every bit as fearce in thare love and devotion as with dragon/dragon relationships, though mating, is of, though not impossible. --- next onto a very touchy but nessisary (cuase iv seen this come up in RPGs several times) is the after effects of matings, dragons have incredibly tanglable genetics that are quick to combine with most if not all other sentient races, very much like orcs, who have a similure "tangable" genetic capabillity, this alows these two races to spawn with just about any other race, the result is of mixed genetics of coarse and tends to show signs from both parents, now as for the pregnacy i will cover both dragon/dragon and dragon/non-dragon, dragon/dragon races are the easiest, this come natural of coarse and depening on the type, gestation can be from a year to a year and a half(around a month and a half for the sake of game time) at the end of this time period the female lays a egg that can range from size, color and pattern, no two eggs are exactly the same, these then harden and after a short encubation period the egg will hatch , around 3 months later(a week or two game time), during this time it is imperative the egg is kept to the parents body tempature(ie a red dragon would require alot of warmth, but a blue dragon could put its in a freezer, heh) if the egg gets to warm/cold on eather tandem it will die. now for dragon/non-dragon, this can eather be difficult, or easy, depending on whos having the child, if the female is dragon, then its exactly the same as above, if the female is the non-dragon, the gestation period is around 10-12 months(a month game time) at the end of this time the mother gives birth to the child, the child is born in a protective clear embryo that allows for easier birth (wings dont exactly coperate) the child has to be realeased from the sack if it cant break it on its own.(new borns, both dragon/dragon and dragon/non-dragon, are born totaly white and very soft, thare talons are soft and rubbery and wont harden till days later, as they grow thare parents color will set in and become more defined) from thare the parenting come fairly natural to both types.(ie feeding, though this in itself can be confuzing, dragon/dragon new borns are fed meet and softer minerals, while new born dragon/non-dragon that are born from the a non-dragon female then they for a short period of time they do suckle (for about a week) from thare they move to meats and minerals just as the other type. )