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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Art for BE and CTE!!

Click on em and see! ~Please note that every single one of these artworks originated from other sites that they themselfs had takens most likly from other sites so any idea of copywrites has been negligated do to ignorence, not saying im not going to leave it up here if it belongs to you and you want it down, just i have no clue were any of these originated, if one of these is yours and you want credit or want it removed, please tell me!~


Nice fight but i got it cuase of the centuar in the middle.
Stunning Sprite!
Dwarfs, no snow white around though.
Cruel and Violent Dragon battle.
A fairy , elegant and delicate.
A tiny pink rose bud of a pixie.
Xenos leniage is tighed with one of these.
Chrome Silver Hatchling.
Warrior freinds gather for a photo op.
A sprite , fallen from grace and embracing the darkness.
A this guy looks like he could take on the whole JEG and come back for seconds, com eat yer heart out!
Hand drawing of a zebra striped dragon that is flamming.
Closest accurate pic of xeno in history, came alittle late though.

MISC(not realy sure were to put these)

My interpritation of the wolfbane mountans.
this was far too spectacular for me to pass up.