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Weapons and Armor


Weapon types span vastly in type, effectivness, and cost, a carefull buyer can get a perfect tool that fits him just right, but with so many things to choose from, this can be a difficult task, between the raw power of a sword, the ease of the dagger, the range of the bow or combined capabilitys like range and power, found in balistic and laser guns.

Weapon Classes

Each weapon is catorgized into a group for ease of "Prophicency" skills, most weapons impose a +1 penalty to the users hit factor if thay lack a prophicency with the weapon thay have, some weapons have even greater penaltys, some have none at all.

wep classes:
Machine Gun


The basic concept of armor, is to prevent or lessen damage, they range in how much thay cover, and how much protection they offer, but sence it would only make things even more complicated to say they only cover serten areas, and thus would only give protection thare, even though this is more relistic, it overcomplicates and is a bit unessisary. So if a person has on a chest plate, and gets shot in the arm, the added armor still protects them, though this is very unrelistic and even illogical, it makes gameplay alittle less worrysome.

Armor can be worn only on serten sections, a person cant slap on two full plates, for one , that would be extremly heavy, and it would also make it so who ever had the most money, was the strongest, this may be true in some instences, but not in this one. Armor can eather be worn whole(as in full plate or full body) , this is armor that covers head to toe, or armor can be bought in segments, this can only be covered sections: the head, torso, arms and legs. anything such as shoes and gloves, are counted as legs and arms locations. Second of all, some armors have limits on how much dextarity, strength and even inteligence, to wear, opperate or even move in the attention to this when you buy equipment, dos you no good to own armor, if you cant use it.

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