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Fighter - The "Average" class, with no limits or requirments, this is both the simplessed and the most comman class.
No Requirments.
No skill prophicency.
+Sword Prophecency.

Theif - The theif is silent, sneaky, and able to steal things as thay become more experenced, always untrustfull of others(as a servival trait) and almost always not trusted by others. Thay live almost parasiticly, by taking what others have earned or just simply have, though thay do have thare uses.
Requirments: 15dex
+"Steal" skill.
+"Dagger" prophicency.

Mage - The counterpart to the cleric, the mage uses harmfull status effect magics such as poison and parylize. A essential warrior in any group, thay have access to spells others wouldnt dream of using but are very secretive of thare studys and only trust thare clossest companions with any sort of information, not always pretaning to spells.
Requirments: 15int
+"Black Magic(status)" skill.
+"Staff" Prophicency.

Cleric - Counterpart to the mage, the cleric is both healer, and defender, thay are every bit as importent as the Mage.Having spells that can accelerate healing, cure poisons, and set up magical sheildings.Tend to be kind, generous, and well liked having a naturaly "chearfull" outlook and demener.
Requirments: 15int
+"White Magic" Skill.
+"Staff" Prophicency.

Wizard - The master of the elements, with a flick of thare wrist thay have fire, water, wind, ice, and electricity at thare finger tips, even more seacretive than the mage, these are deadly front warriors who defeat the enemy face to face with sheer power and force.
+"Elemmental Magic" Skill
+"Staff" Prophicency

Archer - Master of the bow, legends tell of thare skill and accuracy, thay tend to be flamboient, going out of thare way to show off thare skills, or to test them against others, but seldem to the point of outright arogence. Requirments:10str,15dex.
+"Archery" skill.
+"Bow" Prophicency.

Mechanic - A nessesity in the life of any machine, and its pilot. The mechanic is hired to repair, upgrade, and to checkup on the machines that frequient the most vast citys, down to the quantest little town.Thay skilled in Fixing and upgradeing, nothings for free.
Requirements: 15tech.
+"Tech" skill.
No weapon prophicency.

Ninja - Master of steath and invisibility, the ninja makes a art out of his class, both swift and deadly, thay are quickly exemted from society and are the first to be accused of any crime of leathal origens.
Requirments: 17dex
No Class skill.
+"Sword" Prophicency.

Knight - The knight is a simble, be it good or be it evil, that is up to the knight. Legends abound with tales of heroic knights slaying evils and battling for the good of others, but in the same sence, from the ranks of the knights came warlords and tyrents that raviged worlds for centurys, and still do in some places.
Requirments: 18str.
+"Hvy Armor" Skill.
+"Sword" Prophicency.

Ranger - The agile and balenced keepers of the land, most seek to only live peacfully in thare home but some make a buisness of thare tracking and trapping skills, when a rangers home is distroyed, thay tend to roam around till thay eather die, find a suitable home, or become mercenarys in some army or other.Rangers are rare and valuable in terms of skills.
Requirments: 15str/dex/int.
+"Tracking" skill.
+"Sword, ShortSword, and Dagger" Prophicency.

Pilot - The backbone of most military might, the pilot is the person who animates the war machines of the univerce, be them gears, tanks or fighters.Thay spend many years in schools, learning and studding , thay hone thare skills and command thare machines with the utmost presicion and accuracy.Pilot types: Gear,Tank,Fighter,VTOL.
Requirments: 15ps, 10tech.