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Dragon Anatomy (well an over veiw)

As usual, this is only a most frequint facts and can differ easily, but some rules are standard basics of comman sence, shouldnt be too hard to figure out what it what.--. Ok Most dragons range from tiny (2inches to 5 feet) to large (20ft to 50ft), wingspan , if any, differs in shape and widge but usualy a span of double the dragons hight is required for flights unless thay (like oriental dragons, who usualy have no wings) are aided by magical means of flight. The tail can be eather longer or shorter than the main body, but hardly ever is the same lenght, the neck in perportion is usualy half the length of the torso though this isnt true with oriental dragons. Dragons weight is very hard to determin, as dragons muscles are much heavier by comparison to human muscles but to give a veague idea i would say to calculate a dragons weigh try using the dragons hight plus lenght and then divided by 2, multiple what you get by 50 and you should get a rough idea of the weight for that dragons size, then from thare you simply alter it to fit your character, more weight for heavier builds or lazyness, or less weight for more slender or smaller build (such as not having wings , as no wings means no extra muscles required for them). now for more in detale things, some dragons have horns, fangs and even sails(also called frills), some even have hair or manes, but this seems weird to me. All dragons eather have three or four "fingers/toes" on each arm/leg, each diget ending in a shalp pointed talon, some talons are curved like a eagles talon while others are strait out like blades or only slightly curved.------------------------------------------------------------ Ok now for the stuff that bugs some ppl, dragons are in general, the same as most other creatures, one heart, two lungs, daiphram , intestines, brain, yadda yadda, the only real difference is the added muscles used for wings, and most dragons have a glands used to produce a weapon that is usualy used as a defence (sence it can distroy prey beyond enjoyment) these defences (usualy a napalm like liquid that ignights into flames when contacting with air, or liquid nitrogen(THE COLD STUFF) switch in the same tandem, freezes soon after leaving the dragons body, some dragons lack these glands but still have some type of ability in the same sence, weather it be the ability to pump acids from thare stomech or to emit a sonic like attack with thare incredible vocal cords. Dragons are also known for thare apitite, they only need to eat around once a week(for warmer dragons) or once a month(for colder ones).