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Xeno Phalcon

(Pic Above is of Xeno in his Soul Armor before the rede burnt spider web patterns into it) *With the help of Xeno's book the fallowing is a summery of the more interesting information about his past, present, and some odd ball stuff on the side.* As most know, Xeno Phalcon was for the longest time just Xeno (or XenoDragon) but after his return to his home he has reganed some of his past and came back to inter abit wiser, and alot older! This old dragon stands 11'8 and weighs 571lbs, he has a wing span of 30ft and his tail measures at 8ft from the base to the tip, making his total length at 19'8 feet, from muzzle to tail. His body is marked by many scars, but his more prodomenent ones are tiger stripe slashes across his upper legs and the small of his back just under his wings, a virticle scar runs across his left eye and a base ball size creater is over his left breast and has a matching scar under his arm pit. all exept the creater are tattoed in pitch black. Though these are not commanly seen due to the fact hes almost always in his armor now a days, a soul sword rests at his left hip, a satchel at his right, between his wings is the backpack he used to carry his book around. Now for his lost past....... Some know that xeno traveled to inter from another world entirly, were hes from his kind were desimated and drove to extinction, untill recently he beleaved himself to be the last(not counting his children), when he returned to his home he discovered two of his family had servived, Loona, a emerald muze dragon and Mathus a bronze warrior even older than xeno. His excape and servival only came about due to the fact thay were one of the last familys sceduled to be slautered by the hunters, he and his sister watched on in horror as his mother, rose, and father, proto, were exacuted, mathus and a few others broke into battle with the exacutioners in a seemingly futile attempt to save the children, most didnt make it, but xeno excaped and lost sight of the others he just kept running, his mind a haze of saddness and anger, he was of coarse chassed and corned at a cliff as he reached the ocean, days had went by and he was both weary and uncarrying, the hunters shot at him like a fireing squad sending him barreling down the side of the cliff, somehow the shots only did mild wounds and he awoke to find himself on the shore, his small wings tattered with bullet holes as was his side and arm. He staggered off crying as he left his home for what he beleaved, forever. he was 6 then, so young the truama forever altered him ,his eyes a unatural crimson....... Years past , he traveld his home world simply existing, occasionaly hireing with armys of opposing military factions as a mercenary, in one such job he and a group of others battled a tremendously powerfull mage who oblitered most of the group, the others includding xeno, were banished across the galaxy never to be heard form again, and as youv probly guessed, earth is were he landed, and after a short time he found himself in intercity, after a long trek through the desert he was a bit parched and stumbled apone the pub only seeking a drink, but found much much more, the rest, is history. Now we reach the present, xeno has seen many gang wars and two land wars already,he never entended to be around that long but his freinds kept him anchored and fighting, his affiliation with the "gangs" was obvious, he spend a long time with the "Divine Dragons" and gained high morals from them, after thay were disbanded he and his five closed freinds created the "Guardians" for the sole perpose of protecting the city from the likes of raganer, land of the dead.But that was long ago, the other four are left, eather dead, left, or joined another gang, he was badly depressed by the recent group having left, hes left to pick up the peices and build the guardians back to strenght, he wont stop till thay are what he sees them as ,Guardians. Quick Note of relation and relivence to other people: Xeno fell in love with wander when he was in the guardians and today thay have two children who have grown up and had a bus load of children, making both xeno and wan grandparents to twelve children, so many he dosnt know all thare names! Mystical Charm, one of the original five as well, xeno has always felt distent from mc, seeing him as some how darker and quick to explode on someone,he is one of the ones who left in the exodus and is second in what thay hope will be the Angels of Death. TiaraMaze, mc's wife and at one point a freind of xenos, this werefox seems to be freindly and cutsy, but then you see her in a duel.she left the guardians with the others as well. Hugahay, about as old as he is, she is a bit head strong, if not stubborn as a mule, she leads the DR and commanly stirs up trouble in the pub when shes not breaking the oldness out of her muscles. Korra&raya, just plum chaotic. DarkDragon, once a close freind and sparing partner to xeno, now hes under the influence of celesta and is a mencace to everyone around him. Solitare, long time nemisis of xeno sence the turk vs DD wars, killing the only other two dragons at the time didnt help any, but xeno admited him into the ranks of the guardians beleaving everyone needs a second chance. Thare are many many more people in intercity who have some relivence to him, but too many to name here.