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Gears(hight, aproximetly)

Gemini(10m) - Scout gear, comman and cheap in comparison to other gears, humanoid in shape its most distinguishing feature is its helmet like head that roughly resembles a biker helmet.

Alpha(12m) - standard issue land gear, popular with traineas and comman in the academy. Light weight humanoid equiped with battle fists , each fist has three fingers and one thumb allowing it to pick up various things.

RazorWing(12m) - Standard air comat gear. Bulkier than the alpha but lighter none the less due to its composition and meterial, equiped with powerfull thrusters that allow this gear to attane flight and move at high speeds. only downside is low weight carring and light armor.Hp:1000,Str:80,Spd:300(1000),Dweight:1000,Mweight:2000

Toad(8m) - the tiny "toad" was originaly ment for space colony construction and still plays that role even today. much smaller than any other gear to date the toad is equiped with leg mounted thrusters to let it manuver in outer space but also alowing it to jump great distences in normal atmosphere.humanoid.

BlackWidow(10m) - this large spider like gear is low slung to the ground but is quite wide in comparison, it can traverce rocky terrane as easily as it can over a open feild. some pilots complane about this disign as when it loses a leg it can still move, but it "hops" akwardly juggling the pilot around in his seat.Hp:1500,Str:N/A,Spd:600(0),Dweight:2000,Mweight:3500.

Hunter(15m) - the largest and strongest gear to date, it has reverced legs giving it a "bird like" apearence, some are weary of the fact that it mounts no hands. Its thick armor more than makes up for its reduced speed.Hp:1800,Str:180,Spd:250(0),Dweight:3500,Mweight:5800