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Pistol - Hand held gun, eather ballistic(projectile) or laser rounds.15dex, 10dmg (ballistic) or 15dmg(laser).

Rifle - Gun of choice for hunter, has a extended range and a greater kick, slow to fire, laser type also avalable.20dex/10str,15dmg(ballistic) 20dmg(laser)

ShotGun - close range spread shot weapon, rounds fired by this weapon scatter into smaller projectiles, farther away the target, less effective the weapon.20str/15dex,30dmg

Launcher - heavy weapon used as a platform for missles(M),rockets(R) or grenades(G). builky and ammunity is expensive.60str/50dex,(M)50dmg(-1 to hit),(R)50dmg,(G)50dmg(locked dmg, cant go any higher)

Machine gun - High rate of fire using a repeating fire mechanism, capable to firing hundreds of rounds a minute but can easily overheat or jam up.25str/20dex,10dmg(ballistic)15dmg(laser) SPECIAL: can fire up to six times a round, on nat 1-3 gun jams up.