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The Dragyn

(For many years i played a character named Xeno Phalcon, for the majority of his life he was shrouded in myster, even his true race was kept seacret, in this page i hope to clear away the mists and do away with the old cloak and dagger. NOTE: Dragyn, XenoDragon and XenoPhalcon are copywrite me! no touchy!! might give out permission eventualy to alow people to RP one of the Dragyn, but that would be a rare event indeed.))

Eons ago technologicaly advanced "Water Nymphs" fled from thare own galaxy and set out to find a more hospitable home. What they found was alittle planet called Gaia,inhabited by pale elf like creatures, gigantic monsters, incredible magic, vast oceans, and dragons.

The nymphs settled in the oceans of gaia and over time erected great and wonderous citys under the curlean waves, but when civilization incropes on nature, clashes begin!

Huge Leviathens were attracted by the lights of the citys, some with curosity, some with a fealing of having thare territory invaded, they leveled the citys one after another. Though many of the citys were evacuated , many lives were still lost in the rubble, neiboring dragons, renouned hunters of the leviathens, helped save two citys and used thare impressive strength to dig through the rubble for any servivors.

As a gesture of good will the dragons also offered the nymphs shelter in thare underwater caves, thus began a long aliance that never trully ended. Over uncountable years and many more events, the dragons and nymphs intermingled, to see a dragon/nymph couple was very comman and half-breeds were seen as a key to linking thare two races together, a mark of thare freindship.

Through many eons, the two races slowly , inexorably lost its distinctoins, nymphs and dragons disapeared from gaia forever, replaced by thare disendents, the "Dragyn", thare genetics are not half and half, they are not a mingle of dragon and nymph, the dragon and nymph have totaly become one, though the dragons dominate genetics ment that they have a dragon like body, but usaly smaller (at 10-15ft).

241 years ago, that which drove the water nymphs from thare home galaxy, found gaia. Calling themselfs the "Hunter Empire" they swept down onto each planet and its race, quickly gaining a iron clad grasp on planets they wanted, gaia was no different, though the Dragyn and the Takians fought ferouciously , they were badly outnumbered and at a technological disadvantage, they inslaved both races of gaia, and all the races of the galaxy around it. Though the empire never gave a name for its race, many names were discoverd later on including: Alderian, Solarian and Human.

In a massive uprising, races throughout the galaxy turned on thare captors and many excaped into the landscapes of thare home worlds, though many were captured or killed later. The empire chose to strike fear into the races and show them what would happen if they tried to rebel again, thare way of cowering the other races was to pick what they saw as the strongest race, and totaly annahilate it.

The Dragyn were systimaticly killed, billions were massacred in a few short days and the whole thing was broadcaste to the other races in a horrid marathon of death. On the last day, with only a few thousand Dragyn still alive, the empire was caught completly off guard when a small fleet of rebel ships droped in thare laps as bombs set by gaian rebels distroyed the planetary defence system ,barracks, armory and anything that had the empires mark on it.

The rebels freed the serviving dragyn and piled them into the ships as quickly as they could, they knew the empires counterstrike would be comming, and fast! The small fleet, moving as fast as it could, wormed its way through the galaxy around gaia, with the empire hot on thare tail.

As they reached the outer rim of gaias galaxy, the first rebel ship fell to a rain of missles and laser fire, the empire had caught up with them.Scattering in all directions as ship after ship after ship was quickly obliterated, only two ships remaned , seperated by lightyears of space, one took shelter in a astroid belt that serounded a familure looking planet, the other was peppered with missles as it tried to land on a foreign planet, after a violent crash, the servivors gathered what they could quickly and fled into the wilderness, a jungle like forest with gigantic trees.

Through a deadly game of hide and seak, both the servivors of the ship crash, and the serviving ship, worked at evading thare would be killers. A battle erupted not to far from the astroid belt the ship was hiding in, as the battle between the two unknown factions moved through space and closer to the astroid belt, the empire gave up thare search, having no disire to get involved in somone elses fight and figured they could wait untill they were finished to complete thare search. The rebel ships pilot had other things in mind, as soon as the empire ships pulled back, she bolted, THROUGH the battle!

The ground bound servivors were not so lucky, empire infentry combed the landscape and killed any they found, in the deepest recesses of that jungle only one dragyn servived, xeno, then only six years old, barly able to walk and with out the ability to speak. His father, the original Proto Phalcon, hid his son and led thare persuers astray....

Jetting through the battle had given the rebel pilot the jump on the empire , but also had put herself and her cargo in great danger, a arrant laser beam struck the ship and carved off the back end and compramising one of the cargo holds..... the serviving half was left to drift dead in space while a battle raged around it. The battle ended shortly after that, as the winner scrounged through the debre for sevivors of its own lost ships, it found the half distroyed cargo ship, that had neather markings of thare, nore thare openents ships....

Living Dragyns (oldest to youngest)

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