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Dragons: History and Anatomy.(fantasy)

Legends of dragons have long captivated man kind, some set dragons as being ferocious deadly animals while others make them out to be wise and regal creatures, some times even gods. this is a fantasy compendium of dragon knowledge that is the "base" for a mix of comman sence and legends to make the best possible back ground for fantasy characters who are dragons, this will allow players to fully emerce in the propper way a dragon or dragon kin char would act, i for one have used dragon chars (one in perticular) for a long time and having read alot on fantasy and legends iv compiled this players dont second guess themselfs as not knowing how a dragon would act normaly, but as with any char they are individuals and differ from dragon to dragon, this is mearly a "over all" or most comman situation.

Comman Simularitys between types
Dragon Anatomy
Habits and Manners(?)
Stastistics (size, speed, agility, yadda yadda)