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Comman Similuraritys between Types

Ok all types, colors and sizes differ from dragon to dragon, but a few fundamental things remane the same, ok for one, dragons in the comman sence, are NOT cold blooded , even the blue dragons, cold blooded is a term reserved for creatures that CANNOT regulate thare body tempature, but they also in the same sence, are NOT mammals, as they lack mamalary glands, making them into a league all thare own, this remanes the same for ALL dragons, no matter type or leniage (although it is possible for dragon/non-dragon mixes to have mammalary glands, although i dont think iv ever heard of a male half breed having the mamalary glands on a dragon mix, this is possibly natures step in evolution to remove non-nessisary components, or its just the dragon DNA dominating). that is the only real constant amoung dragons, as some dragons are slender, some are bukly, some have wings, some dont, some have horns some dont, ect ect.