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Falcon - Resembles a modern day suped up stealth fighter but lacks stealth.

Syth - High speed low orbit fighter that roughly resembles a flying saucer thats been cut in half.

Beetle - slow ,heavy bomber.

Friget - cargo ship.

Daimond Fighter - two anti-gravity wings set aside a heavily armored bubble cockpit, a expensive fighter with incredible agility and speed.

Glider - semi-self propeled glidder for those who have a "shallow pocket", cant realy compete with other fighters but it will do in a pinch. Glider enthusist called "Air Surfers" can be found across the galexy.

VTOLs(Virticle Takeoff or Landing) and Gunships.

Rise - a small scout vtol ill suited for combat with light armament and armor. Fall - Heavier verion of the rise, has some fighting power when compared to the rise but at the cost of some of the rise's speed. Courier - medium cargo VTOL used to transport material and/or troops.light weaponry and good armor. RedSun - heavy attack VTOL, used as a support fire or quick strike attacks.