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Have a crime to report?
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Armsman Artegal of Castle Marrach

"OF LOVES and LADIES, KNIGHTS and ARMS, I sing, Of COURTESIES, and many a DARING FEAT...." --Orlando Furioso

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Armsman Artegal is a character in the online RPG Castle Marrach. As a member of the Winter Watch, Artegal is responsible for the safety of the Newly Awakened and enforcing the Winter Queen's capitulary in the Outer Bailey of the Castle.

About the Armsman: Artegal tries his best to be fair to all, especially the newly awakened, but he continually struggles with the conflicting interests of duty, love, honor and friendship. In May 2001, Armsman Artegal and Acolyte Illiana were the first Outer Bailey residents to be wed with the blessing of Her Majesty, Queen Vivienne. Artegal counts many among his circle of friends, notably Corporal Philo and Apprentice Anabeth (his Heart's Keepers), Acolyte Gareth and his lhadra (i.e., spouse) Avaria, sera Viola (Punzel), sera Katherine, Watchman Whyndam, Acolyte Duren, sera Cassandra, ser Andrew, ser Angron, sera Margaret, Watchwoman Zenaida, Watchwoman Rogra--and many others. While still a Watchman, Artegal began a journal, mostly because of insomnia resulting from a horrible recurring dream. Of late, he has used the diary to record curiosities and thoughts regarding his investigations and suspicions. The journal entries are listed from most to least recent. Artegal's most recent entries reflect his changes in personality regarding the disappearance of his beloved lhadra, Illiana.

A note to Castle Marrach Players: The information in Artegal's journals should not be played as public knowledge. If the Armsman hears you make reference to some bit of personal information you would not otherwise know, you will risk arrest on the charge of breaking and entering a guest's room. See you in the Castle!


Artegal's Diarium

The diarium is a semi-daily accounting of the Watchman's investigations and personal life.
Updated 8/13/01.

Two sonnets by sera Viola celebrating Armsman Artegal's marriage to Acolyte Illiana 5/17/01

A ballad by sera Viola celebrating Armsman Artegal's marriage to Acolyte Illiana 5/9/01

A poem by ser Gareth celebrating Armsman Artegal's marriage to Acolyte Illiana 5/9/01

So you'd like to join the Winter Watch?
[Some Out of Character Advice]

Joining the Winter Watch can be a very rewarding way to advance your character in Castle Marrach. Watchfolk have visible titles, can carry swords and have considerable latitude in interpreting the enforcement of the Queen's Law in the Outer Bailey. Of course, visibility is a double-edged sword--the duelists will despise you and many will mutter "weasel" behind your back, but no job is perfect, right? Here's what the process is like, along with some suggestions for expediting the process to join...

  • The first step in joining is to speak with an Armsman. It is your responsibility to seek one out and set an interview time. Artegal does his best to hold an office hour each Wednesday evening at 7 bells. Go to the Winter Watch headquarters and knock on the door if it is not open. Otherwise, please contact one Armsmen by scroll, indicating the days and times (in bells) you are available. Important: If you send a scroll to both Lucas and Artegal and one interviews you without the other knowing, you might upset the other one and harm your chances of being accepted. Finally, if you catch Artegal at a good moment, he may interview you on the spot.
  • Before your interview with a Watchman it would be a good idea to acquaint yourself with one or more people from the Watch, to read Her Majesty's capitulary and to try your skill with the blade in a dueling practice.
  • You may be asked to provide letters of reference from well-regarded sers or seras who will speak for your good character.
  • Finally, an interview will be scheduled with Corporal Philo, who will make final determination of who might gain membership.
  • If you are accepted, you will be inducted along with two or more other Watchfolk in a solemn private ceremony where you will swear the Oath of Allegiance and receive your badge, uniform and equipment. Typically, the ceremony lasts about an hour and you may invite only one guest.

The process may take four to six weeks, so that your activities may be observed and to make certain that you are serious about making a commitment to the Watch. Good luck!