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Welcome to the all anime rpg

Welcome!!!! This is one of the few ALL Anime RPGS!!! If you want to join PLEASE DO!!!! If you want to contact me the master, Name is Nai, just email me or if you have Aol Instant messanger, you can feel free to IM me anytime!!! Oh yeh... My AIM sn is Jakalope2004 and im usually on from 4:00-7:00 in the morning, eastern time, and from 3:30-5:30 PM, as well as sometime around 7:00-8:00 PM, on the weekdays, On the weekends, I got me job, but im up and on for a good percentage of time! LOL, And Last but not least my email address is if you have any questions or comments.

8-13-01-Due to problems with angelfire, I've been having trouble with updates, sorry all, but I will do it. Oh yeh other than that nothings new... Bye. 7-3-01-Yo, well hey, been adding members, hoping they will become active, and puting up the link to each universe now, hehe,

6-26-01-Konichiwa Minne San! Well Ive gotten time now send in ideas for planets and stuff because im starting it all up if youve filled out an application and havent been added I will add you asapl, sorry for the wait, but youcan still post! Ja ne...

6-20-01-Argh, Ive been frigging busy up the ass lately, no time to do anything none the less update, sorry to anyone who has needed the update or anythign of the sort, but im now proud to say, updating will be much faster now, and umm dun worry. Heh well, I better start on the weapons llistings.

5-23-01-4:30 in the morning, nothing to do, had the first fight yesterday, it went well lets say interesting... It wasnt bad but this new style was hard to keep track of at first, Im thinking about putting up stats for all of the diffrent monsters but that might take a while, I got some more members and well some of the others arent that active, but Im sure they will become more active soon, lol. Well, im getting sick of this boring life, as soon as I get my car and liscense as well as graduate, Im outta this pot hole, only 2 more years and im gone!!! Well instead of talking about getting members, I need to think of ways to get more ne? If anyone knows anybody interested in joining an rpg give them this url, ummm to anyone who reads these messages thanks your a good person. lol I sold some paintings of mine, not like anyone cares though, And now for a recolection I found while searching through an rpg i was in a while ago, All of those stats and stuff were for a different rpg that I am currently working on, it has a different battle system and is not focused on just dbz, I had him tell me those "wacked up stats" because thats how it works... Now please dont take any offense from him he is an experianced roleplayer and does not need to hear you guys bitc* and moan to him, I know from experiance. Anyways dont worry what others say it is a matter of opinion, I know most of you guys in this RPG are only around 12 n 13, but come on be a little respectful to others' opinions, The first thing a person doesnt want to hear when they post is not, "Hey as* why the *uck you comin up in our RPG trying to run dis show!?" No none of you said that but thats what it sounded like, Next time please be a little more respectful to the people who are coming into more RPGs like this one. Dont forget, what makes an RPG good, newbies. You should all know this from some of the know called veterans... and you should not EVER make fun of a newbie because he/she posts wrong or is different, etc... You should all know what I mean... If there is one thing thta pisses me off, its you guys, to snoody to even talk to the newbies much. You guys could all learn a valuble lesson... Now time for my little example: Gokan and Nick are walking down a long ally, they see a small weak warrior sitting there dying nick says, "Heh lets kill him he looks weak" gokan nods, they walk up to him and nick picks him up by the throat. Then it lets out a low cry and hundreds, yes hundreds of little "newbies" pour out of windows and off the roofs completley clogging the ally way, Nick n' Gokan scream in pain as the "weak" beating starts to hurt them, they kill off as many as they can until they cant take it any longer, (lol) Nick goes SSSJ2! what a surprise, and gokan... well um, yeh he goes SSJ I guess. They begin to kill all the "newbies" because they are super saiyans and that makes them invincible! (heheheh) Then More "newbies" come and the two fellers cant take the pain, they are brutally beat andlie there in the middle of the now empty ally. The newbies are gone. AND Then Nick pulls out two "hidden" senzu beans........ AND THEN THEY ARE PERFECTLY FINE, hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha, (LOL JK) but the lesson to be learned here.....Heh newbies are strong in numbers. And if you mess with a newbie your messing with Fusia too... (Thats about the level of the roleplaying there) Yeh im not lying pretty weird name eh? Not to important but I like signing things.. LOL 4:01 in the morning Eastern time, (LOL) Hmm what else can I do now???

I crack my self up...

Well thats about it now how bout some nice elevator music?

*loud elevator music is heard* Much better, now for some poetry?

Sounds good to me, lemme thing

The shadow of power, Can last but an hour, The calling of death, Cast the guilt down Only a warning, To those who are next...

You guys understand? didnt think so.
co. Nai Holister, 1999. Copral publishings.
Yeh yeh yeh, so what if I have a copyright, s' only so I can sue all YOU AS*ES IF YOU STEAL MY STUFF!!! lol
What to dooooo now? Ok, im gonna stop this insane post...
Well nice talkin with ya!

5-10-01-1:30-This is depressing, I only have about 7 members hmm need to think of a better way to get members than give them this url!!! -Haha! I have put up the techniques and most of the skills, Added members (although I need MORE!) and began to get people talking. Im adding the planets, portals, colonies and space charts soon so get ready.

5-4-01-Yah!!!!! I finally have the time to put everything up!!! I will be finishing up the techniques and bios in about 4 days but I havent been able to do work the last couple days since may 1st, (a holiday for me)But now IM FREE!!!!

4-28-01-I am happy to announce that now FINALLY I am able to do some work on this rpg, heh, now to put up all the different skills!!!!!! Now I will be posting how the battle system will work and explaining the stats as well as putting up our first battle arena, and soon to come the universe and colonies... The mobile suit rules have been figured out I just need to piost those, but I can see that in the near future, it will all start...

4-22-01-MAN!!! I am very very sorry to all of you waiting on me for the updating, I have been SWAMPED with and studying for classes, Don't worry though Im nearly done with all of the classes skills *wipes sweat from forehead* And I just need to finish all of the starting racial skills, I think im going to get started on the gundams and evas a little bit later J Just so I have the time to get things rolling J Im going to be online a LOT more every morning so I can bring you this great RPG!!! Merry Part all, And I will talk to you later…

4-07-01-*sigh* I havent been able to do any work on this rpg lately, im real sorry but soon enough I will repay and finish the basics as well as adding the members in! Feel free to fill out the joining form and post in the message board. Im gonna go clean my house : /. Need some sort of caffeine or entertainment... Yesterday was a little fun and exciting why you ask, My friends and I went down to a real busy street and I threw some change into the road, then I ran into traffic, stopping one lane, and picked it up getting yelled at and flipped off, but heh... I really needed the change, lol jk. But that is a true story heheh.

4-01-01-Wow Michigan weather... Must be playing a big April fools joke on us here. Geez its snowing like mad but s'ok cause now I have an excuse to work on this RPG woopy! LOL jk. But anyways I plan to have the rest of the races skills done by about April 21 so i can some members ready to play! Im working on magic and the mobile suits right now trying to think of a way to meld them together fairly... Taking a break and drawing some pics for the site, gonna also have some fan-fic and fan-art up soon 'cause its great to see people expandong their creativity!

3-31-01-Hmmmm waiting for a reply from Anipike, mabye just mabye this site will make it, heh doesnt matter too much... Aww who am I fooling that will decide the fate of this RPG, lol! Well im not going to be able to do much this weekend because of some issues I am having but s'ok ill continue on monday!

3-29-01*-Picks jaw up from keyboard* My goodness am I tired.... And my hit counter reset itself.. wahh, I wanted my 208 hits!!! awh too bad but s'ok. Man, people must really be craving the need to have an all anime rpg, Well its nice to know actually mabye I can some good members soon!!! Im working on some more stuff right now, 5:12 in the morning eastern time. Gotta go for now!!!

3-28-01-Nice en early in the morning... just need some cofee and then I can continue my work &head drops on keyboard with look clank sound*.....Ok I got a main mb where people can post suggestions for the different race skills and I am working on creating a race page so my table of contents isnt so cluttered. 6:46... only 2 hours and counting until I go to work watching little peeps... hehehe fun fun, and then Im off to school... Im out!!! Back from work n' school what to do what to do... I think im just going to go watch Gundam Wing... Heh one of the best shows ever...

3-27-01-Well Ive started the different race skill pages, there well um coming along I guess but thats ok, I need to finish them 'cause they are VERY confusing as is... Thanx!!!

3-23-01- I have finally had the time to start this rpg after being in many rpgs and most of them had very many problems, updating problems, member difficulties, power problems, lack of control, and a lot more to list... Anyways the way this RPG is going to work there will be a character creator, where you chose the race , abilities and some skills. Depending on your race your skills will differ greatly, well Im off so talk to you later...

Table of Contents
List o Attacks n' Techniques
Character Creator
Items & Shop
Message Board
The Race page
The portals and universet
Th eStory/Plot
The Members
The Rules
Thanks and legal issues
The Battle Arena

All drawn and painted artwork is co. Nai Holister, 2001 stained corperations.