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♥ My humble little shrine to the mystical, magical, anime hair! Have you noticed it? When the girl runs around throughout the whole episode, yet her hair is still in perfect shape? Or when the guy's hair stands up so much you think he spends millions on gel? Well I noticed! I love hair! And Anime hair is the best of the best, so beautiful, so cool, so... perfect! ♥

¤ So now you can look at the most interesting anime hair, learn about the characters, play a simple game, and... *dah dah dah!* Learn about me! ¤

§ You know what? I think I'll keep everything on this page... I'm too lazy to create anymore... ^^' §

First is the ever-popular show... Pokemon! Now, these kids have some odd hairstyles...

First, there's Misty! I mean... look! Okay, cut your hair as short as hers and try to do that! It's not possible! Beleive me! I've tried!
Her hair style is made up of one ponytail to the left side of her head. She has bangs hanging down above her eyes, and little tweaks on the right side. The color is very unnatural too... orange...
But that's only her normal hairstyle. If you look at the picture in the middle... she's showing off her natural hair, just down. Pictures 1 and 2 match up, but when you look to picture three... Her hair magically extends!? The mermaid episode has always confused me... Well, maybe they taped more hair on hers? The world may never know...

° ° ° ° °

Second, the main character, Ash. Now if that's not hat hair, I don't know what is! He wears that hat 99.9% of the time!
Ash's hair is made of a few strands hanging down between his eyes. Two tweaks coming out of the sides of his head, which stay out of the hat, and two more tiny strands on top. His hair is black.

° ° ° ° °

This girl has no name. She is one of the choices for main character in the Pokemon game: Pokemon Crystal. Hers is... interesting...
Two pigtails coming out of the sides, that almost wrap around her ears. She has short bangs in frong and two things that look like kitty ears on top. Her hair is a pale blue.

° ° ° ° °

Next in the Pokemon area, we have a double! Richie and his Pikachu, Chuchino! Richie's hair looks a lot like Ash's, and I don't know what happened to that pikachu...
Richie's hair is a blond mess. It fans out from under his hat, and is rather pointy. There's a part in the middle of his forehead. Chuchino has a little twang on the left side of his head, right next to his ear. Chuchino and Richie's hair are the same color.

Last is Gary! I just love him! But, that's beside the point of this shrine(I have another one for him ^.^).
Gary's hair is sticking out everywhere!!! It's really pointed too. It could, like, pop a baloon! It comes in front of his eyes, but sticks straight up in the back. Mr. Oak's hair is sort of an auburn color.