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Red Roses

Remember that poem, roses are red?
Violets are blue, or so it's been said.
True love is real; I know that for sure,
Something thatís sweet, happy, and pure.

Everyone has that person thatís right.
Someone thatís perfect, to hold you tight.
Someone to be with, someone to love,
Someone special to always think of.

There are people with many good traits.
You look, and look, who knows what awaits?
Do you want strength, looks, or honesty,
Or do you possibly want all three?

Everyone looks for different stuff,
Trustworthy, reliable, and tough.
Innocence maybe, warmth, or beauty.
Intellect, or a sense of duty?

I need someone with humor to start,
Someone whoís fun, and someone whoís smart.
I need someone whoís open with me,
And we canít constantly disagree.

Someone who will treat me with respect,
And someone who knows how to protect.
Most of all I need someone whoíll care,
Someone I can count on to be there.

Youíre very funny; youíre really smart,
Youíre caring, and nice, youíve captured my heart.
Kindness and strength, honesty as well,
At cheering and helping you excel.

Youíre my ďone,Ē my happiness, my light,
My angel to hold in the dark night.
Without you, I donít know what Iíd do,
Iíd be lost forever without you.

Love is symbolized by a red rose,
What a lovely thing a red rose shows.
Love thatís true always makes you feel good,
When Iím with you it feels like it should.

With red roses I know what Iíd do,
Iíd add them to the things Iím giving you.

I send you best wishes for the day,
And my undying love that will stay.

Happy Valentines Day