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go to yahoo! groups, and join. the rpg will be played there... okay, i've never used it before... wish me luck! ~_^ here's the link: Dreamer
okay... my goal for this RPG is for it to work smoothly... this time, it's strictly a message board RPG. i will use yahoo! groups for it, so you have to join yahoo... sorry, but it's the easiest way, since multicity started charging money... *grumble grumble* So, yeah...

this RPG is just going to be normal people to start out with. each of them is chosen by an almighty force to try and save the dream world. they're mostly kids who have big imaginations... *wink wink* [mostly; gotta leave loop-holes]. people are beginning to stop dreaming, and the dream world is dying. there are monsters taking over, that the chosen ones must fight with. each of the children [whenever i say children, i mean whoever is playing, i don't mind if you choose a 48-year-old man...] get transported to the dream world with a special item they receive after being chosen. they just hold it and say, "transport, open!"

will they figure out what's wrong? or will dreams be lost forever...?

1) you must keep track of your character.
make sure you know first and last names, friends, or anything else.

2) use the + addition sign for OOC(Out of Character) chat.

3) i don't care what language you use, as long as you don't swear in every sentence.

4) i am the leader!
last time i had someone argue with me, she was kicked out. it doesn't only annoy me, but the other players as well.

5) obey the rules
This is kind of obvious, but it really annoys me. some people might get warnings... and others could get kicked out right there... life isn't fair. get used to it.

6) only play as your character.

7) no superhero-characters. they make a boring RPG. you're character isn't all-powerful.