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Real Name: Serigen Nokoren
Nickname: serigen
Species: human
Family: older brother rahvin
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 156
Hometown/planet: LA/earth
Age: 15
Birth date: 09/12
Gender: male
Favorite Class: art
Least Favorite Class: math
Skin Color: light tan
Hair Color: black
Hair Style: short, kind spiky
Eye Color: silver
Transport Item: a dragon claw holding a deep blue orb (necklace)
Weapon: a black sword and a white dagger
Inhuman Powers [If any]: mild telepathic
Clothing: a black T-shirt, dark blue jeans, a white stud earring in his right ear
Blood Type: o-
Quote: ^-^ well were all going to die...
Physical Description: has a deep scar the runs down his chest, see pic, he's the one on the left, the right is his brother
Personality: First off he has a split personality ~-^ a perky pessimist, shy and slightly withdraw, gentleman, aid back /pessimist, cruel and sadistic, over all a jackass
Background: mother die when he was 4 and his brother was 7, lived with is brother alone on the LA streets when he was 11 his brother finally snapped and tried to him and himself. ever since his brother has ben abusetic to him, but he won't leave his brother. Neither has a clue who there father is... but it is the same man. Loves anime and drawing, constantly works on a manga of the life he can never have. Due to being abused he has developed a split identity. Both his brother and himself know kendo.