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Real Name:Otaru Horukai
Species: Cat Girl/Sorceress
Height: 4'3"
Hometown/planet: Kaylonae/Kaylona
Age: 11
Birth date: march 20, 1991
Gender: female
Favorite Class: art
Least Favorite Class: math
Skin Color: peach
Hair Color: pink
Hair Style: pig-tails
Eye Color:pink
Transport Item: magic spell
Weapon: wooden sword
Inhuman Powers [If any]:Heal,Transport,defense magic
Clothing: dress,hair piece,white stockings,black boots.
Blood Type: unknown
Quote: Evil, after they rule the planet, what will they do next? Plus the earth is so big, how do they rule -ALL- of it?
Physical Description: Little
Personality: Shy,kind
Background:Otaru was the princess in the kingdom of Kaylona. Dark Demons mad war against her people. Her father, King Horukai, had to go out to war. Her mother stayed with her the whole time until Horukai was killed and she was taken as prisoner. They lift Otaru behind becasue she was so young. A mighty sorcerer found her and sent her to earth.