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Real Name:Dahkon BlackBlade
Nickname :Dak
Weight:130 lbs
Hometown/planet: Houston/Earth
Age: 14
Birth date:March 7, 1988
Gender: Male
Favorite Class:M. Chinese
Least Favorite Class:Science
Skin Color:light tan/white
Hair Color: white blonde
Hair Style: long, ponytail
Eye Color:blue
Transport Item:flute
Inhuman Powers [If any]:speed
Clothing:black gi(pants), long sleeved black shirt
Blood Type:O+
Quote:Life and love are precious, cherish them, yet do not waste either.
Personality:quiet, shy, serious, caring
Background:born the youngest of 3 children, his mother died of cancer, and his father of grief. He and his siblings were split up, and he escaped the orphanage. Loves music. Stargazing one night, he saw an especially bright star and wished that he could bring peace to everyones sleep. He awoke with a strange flute by his side, seemingly made of a strange, unknown metal.