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Real Name: Miles Hawkins
Nickname: Nanashi
Species: Human
Family: little sister
Height: 5feet 6inches
Weight: 125
Hometown/planet: St. Louis/Earth
Age: 14
Birth date: June 17, 1987
Gender: Male
Favorite Class: World Geography
Least Favorite Class: P.E.
Skin Color: whity-rosy
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: rather long
Eye Color: Brown
Transport Item: twin dragons
Weapon: twin swords
Inhuman Powers [If any]: He has two cursed dragons attached to him. They can talk and one breaths ice the other breaths fire.
Clothing: Blue Kimono type out-fit
Blood Type: AB
Quote: "Let's do this"
Personality: Kind of shy, He perfers to fight with close friends. He loves the Martial arts.
Background: His parents were killed in a car crash leaving him to take care of his little sister. He sees a star one day and makes a wish to take his sister to a place where people wont hurt her. She is sent to the dream world and He has been cursed with the twin dragons until he can find his sister and then he can remove the curse if he so chooses.