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Real Name: Makoto Mimi
Nickname: Mimi
Species: Human
Family: Adoptive Mother
Height: 5 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 119 pounds
Hometown/planet: New York/Earth
Age: 14
Birth date: May 12th
Gender: Female
Favorite Class: Cooking
Least Favorite Class: Physics
Skin Color: Pale Peach
Hair Color: Blue
Hair Style: Long, in pigtails
Eye Color: Pink
Transport Item: Heart wand, that turns into a sword when she shouts, "hai"

Weapon: Sword
Inhuman Powers [If any]: She sees the future in her dreams
Clothing: Pink dress with a ribbon around the middle of it.
Blood Type: AB
Quote: "Moumentai" - it means don't worry
Personality: Upbeat and optimistic. She always tries to stay cheerful. Mimi loves talking with her friends, and is very social. She likes martial arts, and enjoys competitions.
Background: Mimi was left at an orphanage, and lived there as long as she can remember. She liked the other kids, but wanted a family. One day, a nice woman came and adopted her. She was six when she was adopted, and has lived with her mother ever since. Mimi loves her mother.
Mimi was always able to make friends, her positive outlook and warm personality naturally attract people to her. She's one of those people who can almost reach out to you and touch your heart. She understands human emotions very well, and can usually guess what people are feeling.
Mimi is a freshman in high school, and she was living an average life. Her mom is a model, and is hardly ever around. Mimi has to get home on time to cook dinner, but she enjoys it.
One day, Mimi was upstairs in her room singing and enjoying the beautiful day, when she saw a star appear in the sky. Mimi was bored, so she made a wish. She wished that her life would be different. She was happy, but Mimi is someone who gets bored easily, and needs adventure. After making the wish, she didn't think much more of it. When Mimi opened her eyes, she was surrounded by a soft pink glow. Mimi was presented with a heart wand, and was told about the chaos in the Dream World. She awoke next morning holding the wand.
It's needless to say her life was quite different from then on...